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Secrets Hidden in Silence - Rayne Auster Here's the thing- the story is very original and riveting. The author obviously loves the work, and, at the core, there's something compelling about this story that makes you keep reading.

I hate to be the naysayer, especially when it's obvious how much love went into this. Buuuut.... I must.

First person. For me- it doesn't work here. It feels full on tell-y and distanced me from the MC. A lot. I don't know how you would do this story in any other tense buuuuuutttt it didn't work for me.

The story. Waaaaayyyyy too much happened for me. There were a lot of high impact issues int his story, but they lost impact for me die to the sheer quantity. These were HEAVY issues that didn't impact me as much as they should have.

Anyhow, sorry :( it just didn't hit it for me.
But, it's a personal preference kid of thing. And, really, I think there's certainly talent here. I will look for more from this author, even if this wasn't my thing.