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The Dangers of Fairy Compacts (Love is Always Write) - Katey Hawthorne For whatever reason (primarily because I just stumbled across this free read) I had rather mediocre hopes when I started this story. Quite happily, the author quickly took those expectations and stomped them into the ground, then jumped on them for good measure. Low expectations properly destroyed, I very much liked this story about a romance between a fairy and a mendicant cleric. When the humble cleric accidentally (kind of) summons the fairy, he finds himself temporarily stuck with the summonee.

I found this story to be entertaining, not too sweet, not so angsty. Perfectly enjoyable. I'm glad I picked it up and I will be looking for other works from this author.

That said, lets get to the good stuff. Wingsex!

For whatever reason (probably because my brain was turned off), I was expecting penetration. Which... C'mon, how was that supposed to work? Fortunately, the author is smarter than me, and didn't Try to do some strange wing acrobatics. The wingsex is like a discovery of a new completely erogenous zone. Anyhow, I know some of you are freaky (ahem-TOTALLY unlike me) so, I thought I'd let you know).