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Jacob - Jacquelyn Frank This may be an unfair review, but it's my opinion, so here goes. My biggest issue with this book was Bella. I found her annoying, whiny, and just unlike able. To be fair, I listened to the audiobook, so some of this may be attributable to the narrator, but I believe it is more the material.

In addition, particularly in the setup of the romantic relationship, the book was full of cheesy language. I couldn't listen to it. Now, while the flowery language is somewhat understandable in Jacob, given his age and background, it seemed completely contrary what I would have accepted for a semi-modern woman (even a sappy one). While this is a Novel that certainly requires one to utilize his/her imagination, the characters should still be beleivable within the storyline, and Bella was not. Perhaps I have been reading m/m too long, lowering my tolerance of mushyness.....

That being said, although I very much disliked this book, the general theme was somewhat interesting. Further, I have read (and enjoyed) this author before. I'll try the next in the series, and hope this work was an aberration.