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Cowboy Keeper - Stormy Glenn Yeah, okay. I was looking for a light read so I turned to this. Unfortunately, this just didn't do it for me. As my opinion differs vastly from the others posted, i thought I would justify it. It may just be me :)

-There was an awful lot of physical activity for someone who was just whipped / may have had cracked ribs.
- Billy gets his back bandaged, all the way around his torso, but later just pulls up his shirt to show Asa his beating marks.
- Rourke's unprovoked, overly possessive moment early in the story is really random and doesnt seem to fit.
- Rourke's insta-love turnabout for someone he previously saw as a troublemaker is a bit quick / unbelievable.
- Generally, people's opinions swing 180 degrees in minutes. While there is some justification for this, the rapidity and magnitude of the change feels awkward.
- I couldn't suspend belief enough to buy the whole confrontation scene with Ira towards the end. I won't get into it to limit the spoilers, but....really? no one else had anything to say?
While there were one or two decent part throughout, I couldn't get over everything else. I'm surprised I finished this.