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Snared - Sean Michael Dear Sean Michael,

I have tried, well and truly tried to like your books. I SHOULD like them: BDSM, hurt comfort, etc - it's right up my alley. Unfortunately, I'm bored. Bored with the same characters in the books I've read (oK, the names are different, but they seem the same to me), bored with the same scenes with minor variations, bird with repetitive dialogue, and bored with the character growth (or seeming lack thereof). I'm even bored with the sex (gasp). Maybe because I read a similar scene last book. Maybe because I don't see how it progresses the story line. I'm not sure.

This may be my fault. I like a story. I want a plot. I don't need guns, spy games, or mysteries, but I do need emotional depth, and some sort of challenge to overcome. Sometimes your stories contain challenges, but no overcoming. Mostly, it's just sex. Sorry - if this was just meant to be a porno on paper, I shouldn't have purchased it. I need more.

Unfortunately, I've already bought the next story ( I know, I should have made sure I'd like the series first), so I'll read that. I don't hate it... I just.... Have more exciting things I could be reading.