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Moving On - Fabian Black I thought this book could be so much more than it was. I loved the premise of the story, and the book description seemed promising. Overall, the writing was pretty good, and the writing style, if a bit old fashioned or stiff, seemed well-matched for the story, or specifically, for Thomas.

In the end though, the book failed to draw me in as much as it could/should have. Given the emotional nature of the plot line, I should have felt more invested in the characters. I believe this occurred for two reasons : too much telling (not showing), particularly at times when there is/should have been high- emotional impact, and the (stereotypical?) nature of the characters themselves. There was so much of a presence of master/leader and undisciplined child I really kind of felt I was reading a father/son story (which kind of creeped me out). Outside of the bratty moments, i did rather like Andrew. Thomas I found harder to understand.

Further, the book was heavy on the discipline, but seemed light on the loving/nurturing side. I get that the discipline is showing carig, and while there was cuddling, i was hoping for somewhat more overt expressions of their feelings (not just sex!) In the end, it was OK- an interesting read, but not quite what I had hoped.