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Chase in Shadow - Amy Lane Stayed up till 4 am last night reading this, so it must have been good :) I think I will have to reread it when my mind is fully functional.

I love Amy lane + I love angst = I loved this book. Amy is always terrific at developing wonderfully flawed characters that I can't help but loving. And they are flawed, which could easily turn off some readers. Chase is a coward who cheats on his girlfriend by participating in gay for pay porn, and ultimately develops a relationship with another man. Tommy is a man so in love he is willing to accept whatever he can get, matter how damaging it may be to him. They have reasons for their behavior, of course, but regardless, these characteristics make it difficult (ha!) for a relationship to thrive.

I'm not a fan of books with cheaters, and if you aren't, beware. That being said, Amy writes this in such a way that you can understand and deeply empathize with the offender. Additionally, I didn't think I would be too horribly into the pay for porn/multiple partners aspect, but again, Amy Lane not only makes it work, but really makes it a necessity of the story. I think what really makes me like Amy's books, and this one in particular, is that she doesn't gloss over the ugly, and she doesn't skim over the process the MC's must undergo to rebuild themselves. The reader gets to see and participate in the fall (while screaming at the MC's about the inevitable consequences of their actions). Even better, the reader sees the MCs at their worst, then the slow process of healing.

Overall - I loved this story. I'm sure I missed a few key points, but I'll revisit after I've reread the story :)