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Telling the Truth - Lee Brazil So I definitely should have read the blurb more carefully, or just read the reviews. Twincest isn't my thing. However, that's my fault, so I'll try to set that aside (I may fail!)

This was a fairly light read, despite the drama contained within the story. Once or twice I felt a twinge of empathy, but overall it was hard to get into the story. I did like the characters for the most part, but my knowledge and understanding of them seemed somewhat superficial.

There was also a fair bit of insta-love and insta-decisions, which is generally not my particular favorite.

Finally ( bringing twincest back in), the plot/occurrences within the story were somewhat dark at least requiring a greater depth, whereas the tone of the story seemed somewhat light. This may be because the things that occurred were either glossed over or easily resolved- I'm not certain why I felt there was a discord. Perhaps the key factor is that there was so much happening in a relatively short story.

In short, this was not my cup of tea; however, there were some highlights/ redemptions. I may seek out another story from this author to determine whether my dislike was primarily due to the twincest.