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Captivation - Kris Cook I struggled a little bit with the rating for this book, but I guess I'm feeling generous today.

The storyline continues from the first book, with the immortals seeking to activate the powers of another bloodliner. The author sought to address one of the areas I thought was weaker in the first novel by providing greater insight into the thoughts and motivations of the lead female. I was left still wanting more, though. When the MC brought up emotional items from her past, my mental thought was 'well that sucks', while I craved a heart-wrenching moment. But... at least he tried.

I enjoyed the BDSM aspect a bit more, primarily as it was a tool used to strip away a bit of the MC's psyche. Unfortunately, I wasn't as invested in that exposure as I could have been. I also breathed a sigh of relief when the team moved beyond spanking - I was getting a bit bored with that.

One of the downsides of the greater level of insight into the characters was that this slowed the story down quite a bit, and got a tiny bit tedious (harping on the same theme). Not a major negative, but as I viewed the fast pace in the prior novel as a plus, it's worth mentioning here.

Also, the end... Was a bit much for me. A little to clinical. Maybe it's a core weakness of the book- sex as a purpose other than intimacy. It kind of takes the fun out of things....

I still want more from the author, and I haven't yet reached a moment where my chest pangs for the characters. That's why I read this type of book. That's what gets me invested. So.... I may try one more from Kris, or I may just save him for the 'I'm bored and I don't want to think' moments. Overall, I feel the same way I did as the first book - its a decent, light, somewhat erotic read, but nothing too gripping. Still, I'll probably cave if Brooke's story comes out. I want to know what happened.