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Simple Twist of Fate (Fated, #3) - Karen  Erickson DNF. Pretty much read through all the classic cliches, and called it a night. I don't want to see which ones I missed by reading further.

1) Blind date. Stereotypical athletic male whose sole concern is the game (at the detriment if the MC). Screw the woman - I've got sports to watch! Setup is too easy.
2) Instant attraction. I guess this is a given with this title, but anyhow....
3) Bar fight between love interest and (ex) blind date over female. Of course, the love interest is the bigger man (it tries to be). Of course, the female protagonist gets caught in the middle.
4) Oops! Female MC spills on male protagonist. The shirt MUST come off!!!
5) Paraphrased: I never do this in a first date. Never! Except now. Please don't think I'm easy!

Blah. No more for me- I'm calling it quits!
It's probably supposed to be tongue in cheek, but it just made me nauseous.