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Frat Boy and Toppy - Anne Tenino This story was hot! The pages (OK - kindle locations) were on fire!

The author did a great job at balancing sex, humor, romance, and characterizations. Maybe weighted a little heavily on the sex, but I wasn't complaining! And yes, in occasion, there can be too much sex. Sometimes. Maybe..

Anyhow, the author certainly had me grinning and/or chuckling out loud, which I enjoyed. I wouldn't consider the book heavy on comedy, butit contained just enough to keep the story light, and relieved just enough tension when things brcame a bit more emotional. While there wasn't a ton of characterization, the author provided enough background and character insight that I became invested in the MCs. This allowed for the heart-twisting moments later on in the story. I love it when the author is able to put that tight, worried feeling inmy chest for just a little while, even if I know (pray) it has a HEA ending.

I had a couple of minor quibbles - sometimes the mechanics/ movements seemed awkward, the first live scene seemed a little 'girly' to me ( I think it was the constant virgin references and the detail about fingernails digging in - I know, a weird thing to focus on, but oh well). Also, I had to reread a scene or two to figure out what the author was trying to say. I didn't mind though, because I was fully engrossed in the story! None of the aforementioned significantly detracted from the book.

This wasn't a deep novel, but it was just what I was looking for. If you're looking for a light, sexy read, check this book out!