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Smashed into Pieces - Scarlet Blackwell Similar to its predecessor, this book is focused on a difficult/dark topic. While this novella didn't contain quite as much emotional impact (read: shock value), it was still a story that focused on personal trauma and the resulting drama.

Writing stories about such dark events and the fallout from them has got to be unimaginably difficult. Doing so in such a short story even more so. What I look for in these types of stories is the hurt/comfort, inner turmoil, and deep characterizations / growth resulting from the trauma. Unfortunately, the author barely scratched the surface in this piece. While all of the actions were there, I didn't really see into th MCs' psyches. In short, I didn't participate in their story, I just observed. Remotely.

The author addressed several of my grievances from the first novel, which I was happy to see. I still found it hard to believe the characters would act as they did, and the conflict seemed too easily resolved. I also had some minir issues with holes in the story (random aside: I may have missed it, but how did Finn initially get groceries? He had no phone and was afraid to go out, so they were delivered. Did he internet order them- which seems strange, especially if he didnt have a phone?) Unlike the first story, I wasn't invested in the characters' lives, and that is where this ultimately failed for me.

I may try one more of this author's books, but.... maybe not. Third time's the charm?