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In From the Cold - Mercy Celeste Hmmm..... I should have loved this book. It had all of the right elements - strong plot line, enduring love, hurt/comfort. It seemed to be well-written, with some minor editorial issues and pronoun confusion.

For some reason I couldn't get into it. Maybe I have been desensitized to some of the parts that should have had a high emotional impact by my recent reads, but I felt that these areas were glossed over a bit. So..... I didn't care like I should have. I didn't get the heart-twisty feeling that I love. It's likely just me or my mood, but thats what my review is supposed to be about - my opinion. How the book made me feel. And it kind of didn't- at least not like I had hoped it would. Maybe I'll reread it to see if I'm just off tonight.