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A Strong Hand - Catt Ford First of all - i love the cover art - it was perfect for this book.

This was a sweet read, with a light BDSM thread throughout. I enjoyed the slow burn of this story, in which an experienced Dom slowly leads a new (and previously straight) sub into the world of dominance and submission. The story was well written (with just a touch of cheese). It induced a warm fuzzy feeling throughout, with a few minor tense moments to build a little drama.

This book probably isn't rated as high as it could/should be, simply due to my own personal preferences - I like a bit more angst, more tension build-up than the author offers here. I also generally like D/s fiction for the deep character insights frequently provided. While this book wasn't short on characterization, it didn't provide the depth I was looking for. Further, I thought the characters' backgrounds were perfect for building more tension, inner-conflict, and self-development, but those weren't really offered here. As a result I found it a tiny bit slow, but not enough to be off-putting.

Despite the points listed above, I did enjoy this book. I also enjoyed the insight the author provided into the Dom's insecurities, something that the reader doesn't see much in similar stories. If you are looking for a light, sweet read with a nice build-up and fairly believable relationship, with a twist of D/s thrown in - this book is perfect for you!