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Unacceptable Risk (Hidden Wolves, #1) - Kaje Harper Kaje did a fantastic job at raising shifter novels to a new level. She has taken subject matter that has been overused and that is generally covered superficially, and added character depth and a nail-biting story line, to create an original and interesting piece.

The romance progressed at just he right speed, combining 'knowing' your mate with the caution and fear of exposing yourself to being hurt in a new relationship. Both the main and secondary characters were fleshed out enough to explain each individual's actions and keep the reader invested in the story. There was a loose end or two (intentional, I believe) but these reflected reality in that you don't have the omniscient viewpoint IRL.

The book did have some violence, but it was consistent with the storyline and required to progress the story. Overall, I really enjoyed this story :)