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Written in the Stars - Alix Bekins This was a rather enjoyable, down-to-earth story. I was looking for a good, basic romance, and this book delivered.

It's fairly unusual for modern romance novels to address the practical awkward moments that may arise in relationships. This book does so- and that may be a decent portion of why I like it so much. While a number of novels may note the characters' insecurities, these character flaws are typically more dramatic and are used to further the reader's understanding of the characters. Here, these insecurities not only provide character insight, but also show the nitty gritty details of the anxieties we all face in new relationships. The author also did not shy from the feelings resulting from various sexual encounters, including guilt, appreciation, and even physical discomfort. I appreciated that the author was frank in these areas, as they fostered a sense of reality throughout the story.

This story was a slow burn, building rather slowly to the romantic relationship. There was tension, but it was not overdone (and I found it a teensy bit too light). This could cause the reader to lose interest in the story, but I was able to stick with it without losing track. I would have been happier with a little less build-up, but that's me.

My biggest complaint was in the story after the 'true' relationship commence d- the story lost momentum. All tension dissipated. I'm sure this because the resolution occurred at the end of the story, but I would've liked a tiny bit more story and /or conflict between the two main characters once the relationship formed. Further, while I understand the author was trying to convey a sense of comfort and familiarity between the two main characters, I felt they were too comfortable with each other - thereby eliminating the sense of romance (particularly in their first night together as a couple). Overall, though, I found this to be a very enjoyable read.