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The Reluctant Dom - Tymber Dalton,  Lesli Richardson Yet another book I'm a bit torn on.

The author is doubtlessly talented at weaving a tale, drawing you in and not letting you go until the last paragraphs. She writes fairly original, interesting stories and, in general, I rather like her bdsm fare.

As another reviewer said, you're cold-hearted if this doesn't make you cry. I guess my heart is toasty, because I did.


I felt manipulated by the author. In some stories strong emotion may creep up on you or flow easily with the story. Perhaps because, in this story, I had so much foreknowledge - so much preparation, I rather resented the author for playing me like a fiddle.

Also, the author hit on a pet peeve of mine - bdsm as the cure for past ills/abuse. Mostly b/c it's done sooooo much. Not that it isn't a necessity in this story, because it is - I'm just tired of this theme.

I also really wanted some boy -boy love. The guys' relationship seemed so on the edge if it.. I knew it wouldn't happen, but I still hoped :(

So- I loves the writing style, general storyline, characters, but ... The points noted above bugged me. A reluctant 3.