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Fun With Dick and Shane - Gillibran Brown I enjoyed this book. It doesn't follow the traditional story pattern, and there is no plot to speak of, but rather a collection of diary entries and short stories that provide glimpses into Gilly's life with his two 'daddies'.

I'm not typically into stories with ménage or daddy play, but I am becoming more interested in storylines with domestic discipline and the daddy thing really worked for me (or them) here. I'm also not generally a fan of first person narrative or journal-like stories. Regardless, Gilly's voice, personality, and humor won me over. It was interesting to see how he dealt with being a third in an already strong and well-established relationship. Gilly's insecurities were endearing and more often than not, I found myself in his place, feeling how he felt.

I wish I could have seen more about how this relationship had developed - I think there's an interesting story there and the provided glimpses weren't enough for me. Overall, this was a light and entertaining read, with just enough angst and emotion to keep me hooked. I can't wait to read more about this threesome (and I'm off to do so now!)