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Power Play: Resistance - Rachel Haimowitz, Cat Grant Sure - I knew what I was getting into... I'd read the reviews, hadn't I? And, well, this IS Haimowitz & Grant we're talking about here, right? Of course there is going to be some hard, painful lovin.

I got much more than I bargained for. I hadn't fully trusted those who whispered words of warning in my ear. I hadn't expected the supremely tortuous, gritty reality of the story. The heart-wrenching empathy, sorrow, and yes - hatred I felt while reading. I tried to stop reading, but the story wouldn't let me. I tried to remember happier, safer times, but then bad (and worse) things happened. Through it all... I couldn't lose hope. I had a niggling ounce of faith buried deep.

For you potential readers - hopefully you've read similar works from these authors... Baby steps, you know? This isn't for the fresh eyed and sparkly faced innocent. And...well... this is a story about things gone wrong. I compared this book (and how I felt reading it) to another 'bad master' review to better understand why I so LOVED this, while I hated the other. It's all in intent. Here, the authors intended to give you a ride on the trainwreck - they wanted to get you thinking/feeling- not just offer a cheap thrill. And it's not warm fuzzy feeling they offer.

There are few stories that are so successful in fully placing the reader within the story, to share (and OW - that hurt!) the feelings (pain, misery) of the MCs. These authors do so brilliantly, so well I couldn't stop reading... Is there more? I need more. Oh yes! On to book two!