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Power Play: Awakening - Rachel Haimowitz, Cat Grant The perfect ending to a perfect(ly, blissfully) painful (in a good BDSM way) book. I didn't want this ride to end. I may have cried a little when it did.

Books like this/these are why I love BDSM. I want the pain, I want the misery and perseverance, if only to see the slow, reluctant emergence of a new personality. Or, an old, buried one.

The authors rocked, I'm in love with Brandon, and blissfully happy to have read this - but then, I like pain :)

Minor complaint - which doesn't detract from the artistry of the story but.......I thought the flip from pain to pleasure (I.e. book1 to book 2) was rather fast. And.. I may have missed a point in the story that makes me feel that way - Haimowitz & Grant are sneaky theme/thought writers like that. But it was enough so that I really didn't/couldn't understand the characters' motivations for even considering going back/taking back. Still, other than that I found this story flawless, thought provoking, and mind-boggling.