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Glitter - Diana DeRicci I was all in until about halfway through, after which I felt like someone threw a handful of darts at the dartboard all at the same time - I felt scattered. DeRicci did a fantastic job in the first part of the book, particularly in building a light GFY (or - "I just figured out I was gay because of you") story. I loved how the story just took me along without too much thought, and how the sexual tension built between the two MCs.

Then the author introduced the wise BDSM guru at the gay leather bar, who randomly offers advice to a stranger...he also brings two underage Italian homeless boys back to the US with him after they try to rob him. Of course, he is good enough to wait until they are 18 before seeing if thy would be his submissives. That majorly pulled me out of the story, and then I just found too much to nitpick - too dramatic, too cliche, etc.. In the end though, I think it was primarily that this shift from one aspect/dimension of the story was fairly abrupt, leaving me feeling disconnected; as if there were two separate stories. Perhaps, if there was more lead-in or build-up, I would have been more comfortable.

All of the above makes it sound like there are major issued with this book - there weren't. It was OK- the author wrote a perfectly good book. I just didn't like it as much as I think I should have because of the above. So- really liked the first half + rather disliked the second = 2-stars.

PS - Sean creeps me out.
PPS - since when is a BJ a bigger deal than sticking your tongue in someone's ass?