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A Tender Rough - Fae Sutherland Kind of like the smooth pick-up artist at the club, this book had all the right lines but just couldn't score. If you want to read a sticky sweet insta-love fairy tale/soap opera, then this is for you.

Overdone plot (car broke down/stuck in hick town), unrealistic actions, etc. Sometimes the writing was done rather well, sweet, but mostly I felt the author was writing for a pre-teen (well, except for the schmexing).

Case in point:

"And I’m going to get married there, to a wonderful young man who’s going to raise babies with me and take me fishing and clutter up our house with car parts and grease stains. And it’s going to be the most beautiful life anyone has ever imagined.”

"And that was when no amount of makeup or plastic surgery could cover or hide the ugliness that lived inside his mother. Her face twisted, though he thought it was just his perception, not actually her expression changing. "

I have read some stellar/more complex books this week, so this book may just be suffering from doesn't-comparatitus, because I really didn't like it.