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Jumbo - Todd Young Poor Todd. His life just keeps getting worse. And just when you think the bad times are over, one more thing occurs to roll him under the wave of life.

The story is an interesting mix between a high school boy's locker room fantasy, a tragic amalgamation of humiliating or depressing life events, and a sweet, budding romance. The above factors combine in a strange way to create a humorous, realistic (yet not), poignant narrative.

I previously read Corrupted , Todd Young's first novel. I loved it, but I was not sure the new author would continue to bring such a unique voice to his future work. He has. At times absurd, often heartwarming, this story draws the reader into its web. It is a soap opera, but it is tongue in cheek. I didn't mind the drama -in fact, I craved it, solely because of how skillfully the author pulls you into the mind/feelings/life of the main character. Even better, it is a character study of a young, naive boy, who just doesn't seem measure up to his peers. (sidebar: the MC seems several years younger than hos stated age.) And while I would love to write a more thorough review for you, I would rather go savor my reading high :-). A definite win, in my book.