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Guttersnipe - Isa K. Mindfuckery is definitely involved.

I'm an emotional reader. To win me, you have to win my heart. To have me for life, you have to tug on my heart strings, then trample and beat on my heart, before slowly, gently and carefully rebuilding me.

Eve's review is pretty spot on, and I don't have too much to add. I found this piece to be more of a social commentary than she did, as I frequently found myself reflecting on various passages. No doubt about it, this book is Smart. I enjoyed having to think a bit.

Back to me being a drama queen.

As indicated in the aforementioned reviews, some elements could have been included that weren't, and their inclusion would have made this book darker. True, but more importantly (for my masochistic heart), it would have submerged me in the story. I would have felt more empathy and And compassion. It would have strengthened my bond with the characters.

Don't get me wrong - Isa K. won me over, but not until about 60% of the way in. I liked the book before that, but it hadn't won me over. And, even though the ending was somewhat unrealistic, the book had my heart by then. So, though it took a while to get into, I rather liked this one-especially the mindfuckery. Even my needy heart. 3.5 stars.