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Samurai Game - Christine Feehan This story is classic Christine Feehan. It is technically well written, appears well researched, and follows her standard story line. And I hated it. Still, if you like Feehan's previous work, you will love this. No need to read any more of this review.

I tried-I really try to finish this. I must have outgrown Feehan since I last read her, because I just couldn't take it. It's the same story, with the same characters, with different names. The characters are truly caricatures of themselves, with little development or personality other than alpha male and needy female. Even when Feehan makes a "strong" female, the character is still insecure, damaged, and clingy. The language is flowery and over-the-top- ridiculously so (reminiscent of the good 'ol bodice rippers). I read romance for escapism, but this made me want to pull my teeth as pain diversion. Definitely only a personal preference, but this was unfinishable.

The cover was very pretty!