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Gambling Men: The Novel - Amy Lane I was going to write a limerick review, but that wasn't going so well. Apparently rhyming with Lane while discussing awesome romance/writing skills is rather challenging. For me, at least. I'm pretty sure Amy could do it- she's achieving m/m romance-writer godliness for me.

What can I say in this review that I haven't said in others? It's an amazing awesome heart-rending, intensely gripping character-driven romance. Crap. I said that last time.

In all seriousness- Amy always hits it out of the park. This one felt slightly serialized (well, it does come from short story compilations). That doesn't detract from its impact, though. I remember stopping about 6% into the story, completely buried in the MC's lives. I really don't know how this author reels me in so completely, but even more so, as rapidly as she does. It's a good book :) there's lots of sex in this one, too!

Excuse me while I go build a shrine to Amy Lane for her continued awesomeness.