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Sidecar - Amy Lane Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
~Joe & Casey

Amy Lane doesn't just write of characters, she weaves (knits?) their lives into a tapestry of fine, many-colored threads. Time After Time, she creates characters that you love, that you cheer for, that you are. I picture Amy Lane behind the wheel of fate, lightly plucking the stings of mortals' lives- except who needs three fates, when Amy is there to create the tale? It's a kind of Magic. Truly. I stayed up All Night Long to finish this story.

Joe is a gentle soul, the solid, quiet, strong man of a time decades ago. Well, except for his style and his taste in music :). Casey is damaged, but resilient, young and determined. Joe just wants to find that special Somebody to love. And while initially Joe sees Casey as Forever Young, he eventually finds The One Thing that matters. Its a perfect match, with a kind of Homemade Love :)

Unlike Chase in Shadow, Sidecar is a more gentle, less angsty approach to romance. Its the kind of story that gives the reader the warm fuzzies, soft smile, and relaxed feeling of sitting on the beach under a gentle sun. It reminiscent of those Endless Summer Nights we experienced when we were younger. There's still a touch of angst (ahem- it is Lane), but it's well-placed and it really just draws you into the story that much more..

It is a simple story - and that's the beauty of it. I'm developing an Obsession with everything Amy Lane writes. This book is Just Like Heaven, and after reading it I'm Walking on Sunshine.