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The Way Back - Carter Quinn A few pages in, and I was worried. When I read "That night, the violence of the storm raging outside lost to the fierce passion we created", I thought I had found a book full of Cheetos. I fretted that the reviews I read had missed the mark. The language was kind of simple, and, well, I really wasn't all that vested in the characters. I knew where the story was going (it's an obvious theme). It was a slow start...

And then. I looked up from my book and realize somewhere along the line, I had gone all in. The vortex had drawn me in. I was biting my nails while yelling at the MC for his stupidity. But here's the thing. The author made me yell at him. I was invested in the characters lives enough that I wanted to commit violence upon them. (Grrrrr... Why did he DO/SAY that!!!!) and unlike less quality stories, it wasn't because it was so unbelievable- its because they were so realistic- with a tiny niggle here or there. The storyline, while a standard one, was well-written. The writing style was snappy (see comments). Best line:

He grinned at me, stepping in to place a quick kiss on my still-swollen-from-his-brother’s-dick-and-kisses lips.

So- this one won me over. Few books take my heart on a roller coaster like this one did. I really like it!!! I do!!!

General Note: A few reviews provide "cheaters" warnings. While there maybe kinda sorta is this in there, it's A) key, B) kinda sorta not really and C) well handled. If you hate/can't stand/detest this topic - okay - stay away. But I think (as is often the case) the labeling is deceiving. If you just don't like cheating and generally prefer to stay away (i.e. have less strong feelings on it, even if still negative) I would really encourage you to try this one.