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Calling the Show - J.A. Rock JA Rock reached into my head and pulled out my thoughts/feelings/wants/needs!

This book was amazing. It was real, sweet , hot, and the author must have spied on my brain. Excuse me while I go get a tin foil cap...

Really though. The first thing that drew me in were the descriptors:

"Jesse Ferelit’s eyes were brown, large but not overwhelmingly so, and lit with a fervor that would not have been out of place in the eyes of a South American dictator."

"he was short. A little Shorty McShortson."

"chin tapered almost to a point, which made certain people look like the devil or Reese Witherspoon but actually worked in Simeck’s favor. If he’d had facial hair, it would have been all wrong. He’d have looked like a goat."

Actually- I wish those were from my head - I'm not that creative. Rock writes like many of us think - with the sardonic/snarky/sarcastic inner voice. Well... My brain does that, at least....

Rock's brilliance doesn't stop there - throughout the book, the author strictly adheres to a realistic, down to earth, and highly entertaining tale. Rock built characters easy to love (but not in that artificial 'everybody lives me cause I'm just so darned cute' way employed by a number of authors). Rock's characters are real, as full of strengths and character flaws as any one of us. They have their insecurities, their endearing qualities, and their annoyances. They were kinky, weird, and hot! I loved them :)

Jesse is a high-strung, lonely, nerdy, speak-before-the-brain-catches-up student/stage manager. He reminds me of one of the boys from "Big Bang Theory". Simeck is a "an immature, cocky little rainbow warrior" (at least, in Jesse's eyes). He's strong, smart, and unique. The characterization in this book is awesome.

The best part of this book fully won me over. Well, it totally would have if I wasn't already a goner. Rock tells BDSM like I haven't read it before - like many would experience it. With insecurity. With trepidation. Not by jumping in with both feet raring to go. As Lisa said, one of the most enjoyable parts of this book is watching these two discover their kink (semi-but-not-really-spoiler quotes/examples/extracts follow):

"Let’s talk about the tit clamps. They hurt. In such a good, good way. Jesse was a sadistic genius. I was slowly turning into a melted pile of Simeck quivering at his feet. And I was freaked out as shit I was gonna scare him away."

"I didn’t want him to fuck my face like I didn’t matter. I didn’t want him to call me a whore or put me in a leather hood or chain me to the wall. I didn’t even want blood or bruises. Well. Maybe bruises. Someday. But I wanted him to fuck me and make me feel it. I wanted him to hurt me and then do just what he did yesterday—hold me."

Goodness... I could just go on quoting the whole book if you let me. It's a straightforward book and an enjoyable one. I didn't want this book to end. So...yeah. Rock just "got" me. I'm pretty sure I'm a fan for life. When do I get a sequel, JA?

Anyhow- please excuse me while I go buy a hoop!