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Handle with Care - Josephine Myles In Handle with Care, the author takes an interesting step into an area not typically covered in m/m romance. Illness is generally avoided in this genre, and if it is addressed, it is usually off page. Here, the author tackles this story head-on, making it central to the story line. For that, I applaud the author. And although my knowledge in this area is limited, the author appeared knowledgeable and with but a few minor quibbles, did a great job of projecting the medical reality without dragging the story down.

That being said, the romance in this story was a gentle glow, rather than a red-hot fire. Which is good, if that's what you like. While there isn't insta-love, the relationship sometimes progresses in a similar fashion. Still, the characters are likeable, believable, and its generally fun to join in in a brief glimpse of their life. Additionally, unlike many books in this genre. The author doesn't shy away from tackling real-ish relationship challenges head on. Overall, it's a good book, but not earth-shattering.

Disclaimer: Having been exposed to a situation similar to the MC's (third-hand), I may just find it hard to buy into the story because of how easy and drama-free the medical situation is. While Myles does touch on various aspects, it doesn't feel anywhere near real without a crazy roller-coaster of emotions. I understand why the author chose not to go down that road, but unfortunately that made it feel somewhat lacking, for me.