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The Epic Love Story of Doug and Stephen - Valerie Z. Lewis The Epic Love Story of Doug and Stephen is a comedic journey of a ...ummm.... Intelligence-challenged model and a brainiac writer, who slowly transition from a love-hate (as in, one loves, one hates) relationship to a love-love romance. It is written in a very down-to-earth voice that makes the reader feel like someone is telling them the origins of their relationship. It has gotten a lot of great reviews, and I can certainly understand why - the style or tone of writing is original, there aren't really any overdone devices or tropes, and there is a lot of characterization. And while Doug certainly represents the dumb model stereotype, he often stumbles onto some deep thoughts.

Unfortunately, I cannot share in the praise offered by many other reviewers, and I struggle to explain why. First, the humor fell flat to me, and it frequently felt forced. What at first was unique and enjoyable, soon began to grate on my nerves. I also struggle to understand what is "epic" (was that tongue in cheek?) about this, other than the fact it seemed long and rambly.

I'm a get to the point kind of girl. While I LOVE a story that contains strong characterization, I often asked myself "why should I care" in several scenes.

So, maybe I just don't enjoy this type of humor, and maybe I just should have ensured I had larger blocks of time available to immerse myself in the story (and thereby the 'long' jokes). I didn't. So... I really just skimmed most of the book. By the time any plot came into view, I just didn't care any more, and it felt tacked in. Sorry, but I think I just missed the punch line.