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The Curtis Reincarnation - Zathyn Priest The Curtis Reincarnation is a very sweet story about a naive young man/rock star who is initially controlled (and abused) by his manager and later re-establishes his own identity. The main character is innocent (I.e gullible) and gets taken advantage of, only to later find an inner strength (after meeting his soulmate, of course) to break away from a cycle of manipulation perpetrated by those he once trusted.

Unfortunately, the cutesy/quirky characterization I loved in Left of Centre just didn't translate well in this much longer story. Here, Alec seemed much more of a caricature, with somewhat stereotypical personality traits. Yes, he was cute, endearing, etc., but he, and the general tone of the story, soon became too repetitive for me. Alec wasn't the only character that felt too one-dimensional for me, but he's the most obvious one.

That being said, I do generally enjoy the prose and/or writing style of the author, and some portions of the story were true gems. I'd love to see (and did see in the author's later work) that quality refined and more consistently applied.

Also, while I appreciate the author's sense of retribution, the humor of the situation really fell flat for me.

If you're looking for a light, cutesy story with a strong/standard romance line, some drama/obstacles, and a somewhat 'easy' or predictable resolution, This is right up your alley. Me, I ended up skimming quite a bit...