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Taxes and TARDIS - N.R. Walker This was a very cute, very sweet, and enjoyable opposites attract novella. While the story is predictable, the author succeeds in developing real, likeable characters quickly. I particularly enjoyed the authors tone and/or skill on creating that warm fuzzy glow of fresh romance.

That being said, there were a few points that, while minor, reduced my enjoyment.
1) Excessive babies (baby's?) - the word, not the cute pint-sized humans). While this is not a particular pet peeve of mine, it felt overused;
2) There seemed to be a disproportionate amount of sex given the length of the story;
3) the MCs reaction to the 'conflict' seemed quite an overreaction. Granted, I'm not the one in the relationship, but I would have dumped the cute little accountant just for his refusal to listen to me. ESPECIALLY after I explained and was visibly upset. Yes, I know, there was some backstory there, but it just wasn't entirely believable for me.

I know I sound like I ranted (OK, I did rant), but this really was a good short story. I definitely recommend it, and only mention the above because it was such a strong beginning that I felt slightly let down.