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Signed and Sealed - B.A. Stretke DNF at chapter three.

This story reads as a 1980s Sandra Brown or harlequin romance novel. The things I didn't like about this story are a direct result of that. I don't read m/f largely to avoid this type of story.

What I didn't like
Unrealistic/cheesy and stilted dialogue.
POV switches were confusing.
I'm pretty sure this was written as m/f and swapped to m/m. Will reads as a female.
Elijah acted as if he had multiple personality disorder.
The plot (especially the beginning) made no sense to me. The characters motivations were confusing.
Very cliched situations
Lackluster narrator (audiobook)

I didn't like it. At all. I'm upset I spent money on this. However, I you would like a m/m Harlequin romance, this will be 100% up your alley.