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The Story of Tol - Jack Rowan The Story of Tol is a very dark, riveting story of BDSM (sadism in particular), revenge and redemption. It has elements of fantasy mixed with a stark, realistic language, that leaves the reader with the chills. There were BDSM societies, an internal judicial system with severe methods of punishment, etc.

The beginning of the story dragged me under so quickly, I could not put it down. And I wanted to. I was scared.fly was as if I were a child again - watching Friday the Thirteenth, covering my my eyes to block out the horror, but being unable to resist peeking through the gaps. I was worried I picked up a book of torture PWP.

Fortunately, with the encouragement of friends, I made it past the horror. Well, the initial bits, at least, and into the meat of the story. And while my own horror at the MCs actions subsided, the book became no less engrossing, and only slightly easier to read.

Still, the story had grabbed me, and it wasn't letting me go. And to the authors great credit, I began to care for a (once) reprehensible person. And I was fully immerse in his story.

Until the last third of the story, this was a solid five-star read. The ending got a bit fantastical for me, but this is still a solid story. I highly recommend it (but only I you have a strong stomach)