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Don't Let Me Go - J.H. Trumble Young love. The flighty floaty hop on the clouds soaring grinning somersault feel of it. And the drama of it. When it starts to go bad. Your nights are spent running the issue through you head over and over again. Nausea overwhelms, the heart is caught in an ever-tightening vise, breathing is hampered, and nothing can be right again.

The author exquisitely captured the highs of first love and the angst and drama that inevitably comes with it. There are few books that have caught me up in the emotional tide as this one did. The language/style is beautiful, the plot was captivating and (mostly) realistic, and the characters were easy to like, believable, and almost like friends.

Although some content might be a little too mature for it, this book had a solid YA feel to it. It is set in high school and brings with it the high tension and emotionality of that age. The story is VERY angsty, but the drama melds so perfectly with the story line and lives of the MCs, it's impossible not to get caught up in. I should feel manipulated given some of the things that occur (if you want the reader to cry four times have this this and this occur), but the writing was so strong I just tucked in and went along for the ride.

A few niggles:
1) There's a lot of story/time jumping here. This is necessary for building tension, but unfortunate in that I skimmed parts to see what happens next in the now. The writing is strong, so I'm sad I did that (BAD Ery!).
2) Given the above, there's not tons of face time between the two MCs in the present, although there is a lot in total.
3) Danial was a bit too much of a wise Guru for me" to be truly believable.
4) The final time jump really bugged me. After living/laughing/loving with the characters for so long, the story ends at what I consider a crucial moment. We then see the characters 10 years later. So a major conflict is resolved in what is basically an epilogue flashback. I wanted to keep living the experience with them, and was upset I didn't really get to do so.

That being said, I really enjoyed this book (I'm an angst monkey!) I strongly recommend it and I will absolutely be reading other works by this author.