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Boy Meets Boy - David Levithan I must be a 16-year-old boy, because this book really resonates with me. The book itself is set in a gay Pleasantville, where high school quarterbacks can be drag queens without repercussion, high school students can openly express their preference for either same-sex or opposite sex relationships, and individuals differences are widely accepted. Yes, it's a dream world, but it's one to aspire to.

That aside, boy meets boy is a standard young adult novel, in which the main characters discover themselves, New love, and how to approach the world where everything might just not go the way you wish it to. What isn't common is Levithan's skill in approaching the thought of skills and trials of a teenage boy. Boy Meets Boy is a thoughtful, sweet, and sometimes angsty reflection on a teenage boy's certain and yet slightly confused high school life. I highly recommend this story.