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Wide Awake - Kade Boehme First of all- cheers to Kade as he puts himself out there in his writing. yay!

So....I struggle with this one. Wide Awake is an Interesting story of a young lawyer and his new (or older, unrequited love interest. Unfortunately his new romance is with Mark, the father of his best friend. Mark is a gay man who accidentally got a woman pregnant at the age of 16. Practically forced into a marriage And a career he didn't want, Mark is a responsible man who could not see to leave his marriage until a chance discussion showed him it was time to look time to Live his own life. As you may imagine the romance is hindered by the opinions and reactions of both main characters families (With some dramatic stuff thrown in there for kicks). I found the story to be from the heart, Interesting and endearing.

That being said I sometimes struggled reading the story and almost gave up at times. While I went into it knowing that this was published independently, and I purchased it at a low price, The lack of quality Editing sometimes made it difficult to read. I fully understood that I would likely run into some of these issues, but the casual language and sentence structure often resulted in confusion and required me to read paragraphs again. Still, there was an honest story at the heart of it and I look forward to reading more from this author. Hopefully the writing tightens up and or the author is able to obtain a quality editor or beta reader.

If your a stickler for grammar though, I'd probably wait for the next story from this author....