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Looks Over (Gives Light, #2) - Rose Christo Warning: mild spoilers ahead.

Looks Over Light picks up immediately where Gives Light left off. In this story, Skylar continues learning more about his people and Native Americans as he struggles with authorities over his foster care parent. An embittered social worker, resentful of being removed from Skylar's case and mistrustful of his people, files a complaint against his grandmother. Skylar finds himself removed from her care an pd placed into foster care. Through Several twists and turns, Skylar finds himself whisked off into the night and taken to a new set of foster parents, even though he had family fighting for his return to their home. In this, the author exposes the reader to the practice where Native American children are forcibly taken from their homes to be placed in foster care, all in the name of profit.

Fortunately, Skylar is able to return home to those he loves. His relationship with Rafael grows, but Skylar discovers something about himself and his foundation that shakes his sense of self and of belonging. While struggling with his newfound knowledges, he goes on vision quest to determine what his life would be. The story's tone remains beautiful and impelling.

That being said, what seems like an unbelievable plot device seems to be more grounded in reality than one would suspect, particularly in his day and age. While my knowledge on this subject is admittedly limited, my brief research provided not a small amount of credibility to the story. Which makes it all the more heartbreaking....And if Christo's political commentary seems more overt here, well, it's deserved.