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Hero - Perry Moore Hero was an enjoyable superhero story reminiscent of the tv series 'Heroes' (weird, I know), combined with a comic. The main character, Thom, is a high school student struggling with the fact he is gay and developing superpowers. The fact he is developing powers is exciting to him, particularly when he gets the opportunity to try out for the "league", a law enforcement organization, of sorts, which is well-respected amongst the general population (unlike homosexuality). Unfortunately, he must hide his developing superpowers, and his sexuality, from his father- who strongly disapproves of both. Written with a wry, but subtle humor, this story was a nice blend of fun imagination and an individual coming to terms with who he is. Combined with that are the standard struggles of coming out, family trials, and aspirations to be part of something greater. Love is certainly involved, but the theme of familial love and acceptance is stronger than romantic love, which, while present, takes a backseat here. This was a nice, fun, and interesting read that touches on some heavier YA topics with a lighthearted touch.