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The Happy Onion - Ally Blue One day three ducks were at a park blowing bubbles. Then a cop comes up to them and says "Hey you can't be blowing bubbles in the park". So the cop hauls all three ducks to the police station. So at the Police Station the Booking Office asks" Okay first duck come on over, so whats your name? " The first duck says Quack is my name. The officer then asks " What are you here for?" The ducks says " Because I was blowing bubbles in the park." The officer then says " we'll that's just dumb, get out of here." The officer now tells the second duck to come over and asks " Whats your name?" The duck responds " My name is Quack Quack." The cop chuckles and then asks " What did you do that got you in trouble?" The duck says " Well i was just blowing bubbles in the park. The officer says " Well that just doesn't make sense, get out of here." The second duck leaves very happy. Now the officer calls over the third duck and asks " Let me guess your name is Quack Quack Quack. " The third duck laughs and says " Oh no, My name is Bubbles.

Ok, so that's not a review, but really, when you nickname an MC "Bubbles", that's all I've got.