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Fettered - Lyn Gala Excellent BDSM exploration story with a very interesting subplot. There are three things that Gala did exceptionally well that really set this story apart:

Atmosphere: the tone of the book was somewhat a dark thrum. The author skillfully set that tone immediately, and maintained it throughout- not a small skill. This was a story you couldn't tell the ending from chapter 1. Yay!

Characters: All if the character were real, lifelike, and (generally) sympathetic. There were a fair number of characters in this story, and NOT ONE got lost in the mix.

BDSM: Gala took a common theme in m/m romance and made it unique. Zie eschewed the common route of safewords and 'safer' pay for a darker, riskier side, BUT IT WORKED. Normally I would be complaining heartily at the liberties taken, but 1) this fit the characters perfectly 2) It furthered the tone and tension of the book, and 3) It heightened rather than minimized the relationship between the two MCs.

And if, on occasion I wanted to slap Dilly (ahem, Dylan) for his naïveté, well, that fit too.

Bravo, Lynn Gala, Bravo.