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In Theory - Sirivinda In Theory is a wonderfully basic and enjoyable 'I just discovered I'm gay because of you' free fic. There's some angst and drama, as to be expected with such a plot line, but really it's just a sweet story that focuses on the growing relationship between the two MCs.

It's hard to determine exactly why I liked this story so much, but I think it's because the author did such a wonderful job with the characterization. The plot is pretty standard, but the author succeeds in the GFy-ish trope where many have failed, for the aforementioned reason.

And thank goodness Zie does. Frankly, I was beginning to worry about myself as all of my favorite MCs in m/m were either disabled (mute, blind, or otherwise), or almost caricatures (damaged boy, flamer, drag queen, sensitive jock, etc). I began to wonder "Am I abnormal?"

Apparently not. I loved these characters- and they were normal, sane, and undamaged. So, kudos to the author for writing wonderful, real, basic characters and making them resonate. In a basic story without random unnecessary happenings.

Thanks for the story!