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Lorcan's Desire - S.J.D. Peterson Sigh..

I could have liked this, I think. Interesting premise and parts I started getting into. But...3 huge things held me back:

1) extremely tell-ey. To the point where one of the characters would comment on something another did or a characteristic of the other and I was like .. Wait , what?
2) I hate it when I can't tell WHY characters like each other. It's meet, fall in like/love, have sex.
Why do you like him? No clue. Please provide some substantiation of the relationship, or I can't believe in it. This is probably an offshoot of #1 above.
3) very dramatic. I just didn't understand the reactions to certain events. At all.

I'll probably try book 2, as I hear it gets better, but I'm... Well, lets just say my fingers are crossed.

On another note, I did read and love Plan B, by the same author. So maybe this is a one-off for me.