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After the End - Alex Kidwell 3.5 stars.
It seems there are a number of stories lately that feature a main character who recently (or within the past few years) lost a much-loved partner. This story, I think, is one of the better tales with that plot line.

The characters are both fairly vivid and realistic, if one is a bit too good to be true. The writing quality is excellent and slightly haunted and romantic, which certainly suit the plot rather well. The story provides a good mix I melancholy over past list and a tremulous hope of a new relationship, combined with the turmoil that comes with giving up an old and beloved connection (even if it now only lived in your head) to forge a new relationship.

There are no quick fixes here and no glossing over prior partners ("oh I never really loved him quite as much as I loved you). It was a nice, steady, wonderfully sweet story with some hit tends thrown in. And some cuddling. At the beginning, lots of that romantic touching/cuddling kind of stuff :)