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The Red Heart - Isabelle Rowan “You tell her you danced in the desert with a madman and filled your heart.”

The above statement fully eclipses what you will fond in The Red Heart. the language is lyrical, but grounded. The romance, and well, the entire story is filled with a sense of understated peace - which is exactly what the main characters are seeking.

The story circles around an abbreviated, modern day walkabout- not in which there was an aborigine teen entering into manhood and tracing the route of his ancestors, but where a ex-addict, Dan, seeks to fill the empty hollowness of his soul. While the lacks the most traditional elements of a walkabout, it captures the main theme- a journey of spirituality and connection. He undertakes a journey to see Uluru, the "red heart" of Australia, and perhaps in doing so, find his own heart.


What he fails to consider is that his goal may be found in the journey, his destination is nothing more than a rock. Dan I initially seeks to drive to Urulu, but chance encounters and guidance from others soon turn his path to walking the distance and exploring nature along the way. Dan is guided on his path by Sam, another damaged young man, and together they find something to make them whole.

"You are like two halves of a story waiting to be told"

Isabelle Rowan does an excellent job providing a serene backdrop with beautiful imagery and common themes running subtly throughout. Once in a while she hits you on the head with them, but for the most part she weaves the story with one red thread glimmering throughout. Highly enjoyable.