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The Return - Brad Boney Brad Boney is really growing on me.

In this second book, Brad highlights a relationship between a young, previosuly self-identified straight mechanic (and aspiring musician), Topher and an older, renowned gay music critic, Stanton. A chance meeting ends up with the two attending a Springsteen concert and a spontaneous kiss that kicks off an interesting relationship. That relationship has some unexpected parallels with one Stanton experienced more than twenty two yeas ago, and much of the books conflict centers around these similarities

The story has some unconventional subject matter (spirituality/religion/mysticism) that I really haven't seen much in M/M. In addition, that theme is handled in such a down-to-earth way that it really didn't generate eye rolls or utter disbelief, as such subject matter may do for those readers who are more cynical. Further, Brad really did an excellent job in the first half of the book weaving together threads from the two stories. I very much enjoyed that aspect.

Besides the above, what I really enjoyed about the book was twofold: the exposure/knowledge to and of music that is sprinkled throughout the story and the author's generally understated, but highly entertaining, sense of humor.

Best part: "Good golly? No one says good golly in bed. I would have stopped reading right there"

Go read the reviews for 'The Nothingness of Ben", if that means nothing to you.

The author's use of casual or regional language has toned down a bit from his prior book, although its certainly still present (but adds character to the book and people). The sex scenes are still fairly forthright (less romantic than typically seen in this genre). Overall though, I really enjoyed this book.

Oh, general tags (if you made it down this far) are large age difference and AIDS. I won't add the third- it's too spoiler-ey. Oh, and GFY-ish.