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The Last Rebellion - Lisa Henry Wow - no reviews yet?
Alright- ill take off my lazy shoes for this one. It's only right, given the lovely piece Henry chose to gift us with. So, if you haven't read this, and haven't read the warnings, go do that. Hmmm.. not sure where i read them, but they were there. rape, torture, etc. I'm not going to recap the plot, because I think it's better if the reader just experiences it as it unfolds. For those of you wanting to know how bad the content really is.... Well it's hard to say. The bad stuff is certainly present, and gritty, but doesn't have the same reality or sense of presence that say... Nunn's works do. Which isn't a negative- the author's tone and representation of the "bad" tithings fit perfectly within the story.

For all of you that remain, this was really a lovely, haunting piece. Can I say lovely for a story that contains the aforementioned content? Too bad- deal with it, because it really was. Lovely. Lisa Henry writes in a haunting, almost surreal , or removed tone for this story. Every word essential, necessary to the story- but beyond that, placing the reader in a state similar to that (which must be) experienced by the MC. Confusion,..rebellion, revulsion, a need for a connection- for humanity. A desire for tenderness. More confusion. And certain.. Disconnectedness. Where the story truly succeeded was in pulling the reader in to experience that same ethereal floaty quality where things do t necessarily make sense. But do they have to?

I loo once stories that address or play with the psychology associated with kidnapping, torture, or rape, and this story does exactly that, without spelling every single detail out for the reader. Sometimes the mystery or allusion is where all the fun is.

So yes-I'm struggling to put the experience into words. So just read it. I highly recommend it.